The Investors’ Impact Model Helps Everyone

December 30, 2016
In the real investing world, Investor's Impact is different from other investment firms by a careful design choice. While the idea of impact investment has been catching on at other firms as a trend, Investor’s Impact’s team of skilled investment professionals made a conscious decision to build their firm around this unique style of investment. While it is true that they offer the same highly competitive market-rate returns that appeal to nearly all investors, they offer the added benefit of creating meaningful social change with their investment offerings.

The purpose for establishing Investor’s Impact was to promote the revolutionary investment model of impact investment, which promises more than financial returns for investors and shareholders. The goal is to bring about socially impactful change that benefits society overall. By choosing impact investment as their model, Investor's Impact hopes to alter the way people think about their investment choices and to realize the relationship between investing and giving. Using a concept called enduring giving, they come to realize that investment can certainly means a lot more than just short-term return on investment; it can change lives.

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